640 x 480 Spy DVR Wall Socket Hidden Camera Recoder

Posted on 2nd January 2011 in Electricity Socket
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The 640 x 480 Spy DVR Wall Socket Hidden Camera Recoder can be mounted and replace in any standard electrical socket. Then you can see if there is any strangers break into your house. You can feel free to use it. Hidden cameras are so small that they are virtually invisible to a naked eye. They can be used to ensure peace of mind and the safety of your family and business. This vocie-activated wall socket will give you a big hand!



  • Hidden Spy Camera Record Audio and Video
  • Can simply mount the electrical outlett Hidden Camera into an appropriate sized whole in any wall
  • The Electronic Outlet Hidden Camera can be mounted and replace any standard electrical socket
  • The Electronic Outlet Hidden Camera is a non – functional faux electrical outlet wall plate
  • Insert T-Flash Card before you start to record (1 GB per 35-40 minutes)
  • TF Card to connect to your computer, you can play the contents of records


Standby time 13 days
Sensing Range 8M
View Angle 62 degrees
Video format 640 x 480, 30FPS
Recording time 3 hours (4GB)
Battery Capacity 920 mAh
Support T-Flash Card MAX TO 8GB (not include)
Dimensions 3.46″ x 3.46″ x 0.43″
Color White


Package includes

  • 1 x 640 x 480 Spy DVR Wall Socket Hidden Camera Recoder
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 6 x Screw
  • 2 x User manual


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