DV99B Multi-function Mini DV Dark purple

Posted on 14th January 2011 in DVR
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The DV99B Multi-function Mini DV Dark purple is a high-end ultra-compact high-definition digital video and has the features, such as industry-leading digital video, voice storage, video motion detection, TV OUT and network camera. With a multi-functional bracket, and is suitable for a wide range of occasions, such as the meeting records, driving records, monitoring records, video recording of evidence and recording of exterior scenes.



  • Ultra-small alloy body
  • With PC camera function, to easily enjoy the network life
  • AVl format of video recording
  • With low illumination, 3 million high-definition camera
  • Synchronous display of time recording video
  • High-speed dynamic video recording, instant response to light environment
  • AV out function
  • Start the car engine to record automatically. Close the car engine and the device shut down automatically
  • The cycle recording function
  • Support charge and record simultaneous
  • Built-in lithium battery can last more than hours at work
  • Support 32G memory cards at maximum
  • Fool-type operation, integrated light-con indication
  • Omni-directional small universal bracket, reach the holistic view of recording / monitc function
  • Easy installation method, suitable for a va of material carriers and complex occasion


Pixel 3 million CMOS
Visual angle 72 degrees
Minimum illumination 1 Lux
Battery capacity 620mAH
Continuous video recording time About 4 hours
Motion direction standby time About 4 hours
Power consumption 130mA / 3.7v (maximum)
Storage temperature -10? – 70?
Operating temperature -10? – 60?
Type of memory card Mini TF card
Capacity of msmory card 1GB – 32GB
Video format Video encoding and decoding is recoraed into AVl file format VGA 640 x 480, 30 frames / sec) by use omotion and JPEG
USB interface USB 1.1 / 2.0
Operating system Windows 2OOO / me / xp / 2OO3 / vista macos: l~nux
Storage consumption 1GB / about 35 minutes
Charging time About 3 hours
Weight 35g
Dimension 3.21″ x 1.30″ x 0.51″
Video output 640 x 480, 30 frames / sec
Photo format JPEG 1600 x 1200


Package includes

  • 1 x DV99B Multi-function Mini DV Dark purple
  • 1 x AV cable
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Car adapter
  • 1 x Clip
  • 1 x Bourdon spring
  • 1 x Bag


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