F999-2 Multi-function Car Keychain Spy Camera

Posted on 24th January 2011 in Car Remote
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This is F999-2 Multi-function Car Keychain Spy Camera, low product according to the lens on the market at present, it is the smallest with vibration model, full of functions, the best effect of key type miniature cameras. Have the funcion: vibration / pictures / video recording / computer / copy / sonic control camera.



  • High quality monitor, protect personal privacy data and information confidential
  • Fit for hotel / restaurant / public toilet / changing room, etc
  • Have a long standby time
  • Boot: In shutdown, long press the power button for 2 seconds boot, yellow light, enter standby
  • Pictures, under standby: Click (pictures / video key), vibration, not to change a light, and pictures
  • Video: Standby, long press (pictures / video key) 2 seconds, shake twice, lamp, into video. Video, click (pictures / video key) stop video, vibration, yellow indicator, save for a file. Pictures / video (with remote DV) also 808


Photograph 1280 x 960
HD video 640 x 480
Battery capacity 280mAh
Battery voltage 3.7V


Package includes

  • 1 x F999-2 Multi-function Car Keychain Spy Camera
  • 1 x USB cable



  • When you take a photo or video don’t connect computers
  • PC camera functions (optional)
  • This car keys can be used when the PC camera, before the use should install the driver software, holding the key equipment (pictures / video key) with a computer, after appear on the computer, and video equipment clew, loosen the function keys can be used when the camera keys


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